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Scrap Metal and Making Money

The scrap metal industry can be a very profitable endeavor for everyday people to make some extra money by simply getting rid of their own old junk and collecting old junk from other people looking to get rid of it. If scraping is something that you are interested in getting involved in, follow these easy tips to get started, and begin making cash right away.

  • Look for people having garage sales and swing by those locations after the sale is over. Most of the unsold items get tossed to the curb for garbage pick-up. This is a great opportunity to find items that you can pick up and scrap.
  • Be sure to remove copper and other more valuable metals from your scrap. These metals will be worth a lot more than if you leave them mixed with other metals. That is one way to maximize your profit.
  • Follow scrap metal prices closely. Prices can change day by day and you want to make sure your not selling your scrap on a down day. Sometimes it pays to hold onto your scrap to get a better price.
  • Learn when different areas in and around your community have large, bulk, rubbish days and on those days you can drive around and be on the lookout for heavy items such as computers, stoves, demolition waste, and other big appliances. Just pick up those items and bring them down to your local scrap yard to collect.
  • Make relationships with local automotive shops, Pick up used car batteries or old catalytic converters on a weekly basis and sell those at your local scrap dealer. These items usually give great returns at your scrap dealer.

Another way to collect a large amount of scrap metal to sell at your local scrap dealer is to place ads online and in local Pennysaver magazines advertising appliance pick up services. Most of the time, people don’t want to be bothered carrying these large and heavy items away themselves, so they will even pay of you to take them off their hands. That way your making money twice, double profit.

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